Craigslist Game Party #3… I’m so ashamed

About a month ago, I went to my first Craigslist Game Party. It was me and a bunch of middle-aged men I didn’t know playing games like Password and Cranium on a Sunday afternoon. The “Game Master,” as he likes to call himself, has a tradition of playing Tug-O-War with all new players.


But, the tug-o-war games sometimes get out of hand. Much like the Craigslist Serial killer, the Game Master almost murdered me.


I consider myself to be a tough chic, so my ego was a little bruised. Oh, but a delightful surprise came this week when a cute old man showed up. He would have to fight me (since it’s tradition). YES. Redemption. He was reluctant to fight anyone, especially since this was his first Game Party …and the craigslist add never mentioned anything about Tug-O-War. But he finally caved.



He seems a little doubtful about this fight.

img_35261He finally gets into it.

I should never judge a book by its cover. This old man was an ANIMAL!



Oh God! I CAN’T be losing to this old man.



He seems to not even be trying at this point.


For someone who was reluctant to fight, he sure is a cocky motha fucka

Santa Clause f’n beat me! I was humiliated.


The Game Master looks like a scarey man sometimes, but he is actually a tender Mr. Clean-like man who has a warm heart. He was visibly upset by my SECOND defeat and could tell I needed some TLC.

He thought it would cheer me up to baby me.


He then expressed a strong desire to put me in his lap and rock me like a baby. One of the other regular gamers grabbed the closest thing they could find to a bonnet and wrapped it around me..


I was not easy to console. I had a hard time taking him seriously.


But then he busted out the book 255 Party Games To Play


He knows I like games, and I am soon won over by the book


It’s so great I can’t help but applaud.


Maybe it’s because I’m narcolpetic…or because I’m role playing an infant, but I pass out in his arms.


While I slept, the Game Master read the book to himself for awhile


Game Master started cooing and rocking me gently (I wish I could say I was kidding about this part)


Game Master emailed me the photo below a couple days ago.


I’m just as terrified by this photo as I am humored. After this particular Game Party, I took a week off. While I believe the Game Master was just nurturing his paternal side, I broke my cardinal rule of not sitting on older men’s laps….not even Santa Clause.

If you want to check out the pictures from the last two craigslist parties (especially game party #2 where they throw me out the window), click the links below:

Game party#1

Game Party #2

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  1. Thomas Paul Dengler says:

    Hi; I’m narco too. All my adult life, 64 years. Have you tried surgery?

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