F’ed up Barbies

Key West, Florida 2006dsc00685

This pair of handcuffs dangling in the window in front of a cat should have been our first clue this would be a bizarre restaurant.dsc00681Every single window had some crazy ass bondage barbie hung up.  This Barbie is into bondage and handcuffs, but of course her ankle cuffs are pink

dsc00682That whip and spike dog collar are over the top… even in human standards. I can’t figure out if the alligator to the right is part of the bondage thing or just a coincidence.


She’s got a cute little  purse.

I can’t figure out why their hair looks like they’re hanging upside down

dsc00684THe others were funny. This one…creepy.

I was walking around NYC one day. I looked up to get my bearings and ….

barbiessomething seemed creepily familiar

img_0803My god. They’re back…only more liberated…. and hanging from a noose.

barbies2Both of them are self proclaimed New Yorker’s, and one claims to be one of “Knucklehead’s kids”


This one “fucked SHAN POO.” Either that’s the name of a Rapper, or she is being a stereotypical dumb blonde Barbie who can’t spell the word Shampoo. Although not stereotypical in the fact that she has sex with toiletries.

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