Chicken and Moiste things pics

This hot dog shop in NYC is capitalizing on the bad state of the economy. Smart dudes!

I was walking to the subway near my house…

I think that’s a dead chicken. In Queens.

A tragic ending to everyone’s favorite stupid joke about chickens crossing the road

This home depot in California is also trying to turn a profit on oil

Are they being funny or stupid using the most akward word in the English vocabulary to sell real estate. I’m guessing funny!

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  1. Melanie, the Gray’s Papaya franchise has been running a “Recession Special” every day since two recessions ago. You should read the articles in their window sometime.

    I so rarely get to correct anybody on New York City history that this was a real thrill for me. Thanks!

    1. melaniehamlett says:

      I can’t believe you actually read articles in the Gray’s Papaya store window. I took you more for a New York Times kind of guy. Silly me.

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