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Game Party #2 w/craigslist dudes


A few weeks ago, I answered an add on craigslist that said “come to my game party”

The “gamemaster” as he calls himself (and he has a business card with this written on it) is a professional background actor for 20 yrs, reoccurring on Law and Order. He has been organizing game parties with random people he meets on craigslist for over 4 years now.

I am one of the only women who has ever answered his add….

and last time I came, he murdered me. (go back about 2 weeks on this blog).

So I went back again to see what would happen.


This was my first time meeting most of these guys.

They weren’t in the best mood on our way up to the game party.

crg7but after a long elevator ride with me and my pep talks, they changed their minds


The first game we played involved picking a movie title out of a book. They always take all the games very seriously. To avoid anyone seeing what they’re choosing out of the movie book, they sat for 10 mintues with a flashlight and a towel over their head while they decide.img_3017

I honestly can’t remember what on earth they were playing here100_8662

The gamemaster likes to take pictures as much as I do. He suggested before anyone else leave, we do another photo shoot like last week

For some reason, I suggested they lift me and carry me on their shoulders like cleopatra. They lifted me up like this instead.

They’re not the most brute men, so picking me up was more of a challenge than I had envisioned.



I’m not sure who is covering my ear or why.


I have a narcoleptic spell while doing this exercise.

No, I’m actually kidding this time…although it’s totally possilbe I could have.

Then I asked them if they’d be interested in chicken fighting.

I soon came to the conclusion that my chicken wasn’t capable of being aggressive.


img_2987boy wBoy was I wrong!


My chicken even threw a pretend punch!


The Game Master sent me some pics afte the party.

This closeup of me biting the other chicken was one of them.

criaslist2This old-timey photo was another one

100_86741After the chicken fight, I stepped aside to make an important phone call

100_86751But the Game Master doesn’t like it when we take personal phone calls during Cranium



craig2Notice the Guys and Dolls playbill on the floor. I have never been to a Broadway show, so I often sit silently throught their lengthly discussion of Broadway musicals during games.








He does that same victory dance every time he kills me


I fell from 16 stories high


Yep, they killed me again. I should have learned from that news reporter who got hog-tied and stabbed 50 times answering  an add on criagslist.

What can I say, I was raised in the South.  I trust everyone.