Daily Archives: April 12, 2009

St. Augustine Wierdos

In St. Augustine, people were driving around in these silly little cars

St. Augustine, Florida turned out to be a lot like New York – homeless people, freaks, and rich people hanging out in the same locations.

I’m not sure what Leprochauns have to do with St. Augustine, which is know for its forts and cannonballs and stuff, but I found one on the street.

No one seemed to notice him. They must all be fellow New Yorkers.


He was singing some, but for the most part, a pretty apathetic leprochaun.

….And then I turned around and this next guy was behind me.


He looked like a tourist with that fanny pac, but he was a Jesus impersonator.

He was taking pictures with tourists like a Disney character and handing out pamphlets.

I took a pamphlet out of curiosity. It was trying to turn American Idol Fans into Jesus fans. It quoted Simon, who apparently said on air one night:

“If you had lived 2,000 years ago and sung like that, I think they would have stoned you”

It then went on to say:

“To make it into the real heaven, you need no talent, skills, or special looks. All you need is to believe that Jesus is God.”

And then it said:

“Unlike American Idol, you have a better than 1-in-80,000 chance to get into Heaven.”

In Key West, two years earlier, I had seen the same thing, except it was a guy that looked liked he’d much more appropriatley be seen at a PHISH concert.


Why and how would one go about calling a matress?


Doug Stein perfroms over 17,000 of these!

I can’t figure out how he does this procedure without a scalpel or a needle.

This is one of my favorite Pro-life billboards in Florida.

I can’t figure out what occupation the aborted ghost child is supposed to be.

Would their 36,000 abortions agree or disagree with Dr. Stein’s 17,000 vasectomies?