Daily Archives: April 9, 2009

Arnold Shwartzenager in NYC


I stumbled upon this yesterday in midtown. It is a muscle man gym that plays movies of Arnold Shwartenager all day to attract new members.


It wasn’t just clips of Arnold randomly, it was actually a movie with a plot I think.

Of course, I was watching it through a window so there was no volume.


a NAZI plot perhaps?

Hot Dog!

New Hampshire Hot Dog Eating Contest 2006

The guys in costumes were surprisingly apathetic

But the Mustard Guy seemed to actually like his job

And what would a Hot Dog Festival be without a human sized hot dog.

Unlike the condiments, Hot Dog doesn’t have the word HOT DOG written across his chest.

He was kind of an arrogant dick actually

This man wandering around Boston was keeping a He-Man portrait between his legs

This is what I love about the desert: creepy military crap everywhere

I’m not sure if they were trying to sell goffballs AND oranges, of if thry just wanted to make use of this giant golfball they happen to have.

Craigslist Game Party #1

I answered an add on craigslist last week from a dude who calls himself the “Game Master.” He is a professional background actor who has a hard time getting his friends to play silly games. So 5 total strangers including myself meet up on a Sunday night and become BFF’s instantly. He buys pizza for everyone. He said I am brave since I’m one of the only females who has ever answered the add in the 4 years he’s been doing it.

It was me, 4 middle-aged, lovely men, and a Taiwanese young dude, who is still learning English.

We took many breaks to do English as a Second Language lessons due to the language challenges of password and chirades. These culiminated in five minute group discussions about words like:

legumes, safety valve, Jock Itch, Safron, and peashell.

It’s family portrait time. I give them emotions to be. They actually go along.

Here we’re supposed to be ridiculously excited.


Being Narcoleptic, I always make people pretend to be asleep in photos.

Welcome to MY world!
During our break, I wander around the apartment, which was pretty bare except a couple random paintings. This is one of them.

Two players leave. They have been there for over four hours.


Game Master’s roommate comes over, so we do a second round of family portraits. He is the one in all black who is really good at pretend murdering/dying.

After we’re done pretend murdering each other, ESL student doesn’t realize it was just a joke.

This is a pic taken before I got there that was emailed to me a couple days ago in the invite for this week. Game Master will later post it on the craigslist add along with the other pics.

This is another pic the Game Master emailed me. I don’t know why he cut everyone else out.

My hands seem strangely large and I look like I have a Michael Jordan wingspan!

The Game Master challenged me to a friendly game of Tug-O-War and I accepted.




They told me craigslist was full of pedaphiles, rapists, and murderers. They were right. I got murdered.

In case you wanna come, the Game Master posts an invite and group photos on craigslist every week,