Stumbled into a Drag Show in LA the other night.


What House Party/Concerts in LA Look Like

This is the coolest/weirdest concernt thingy I’ve ever been to. Outside stage, a purple teepee, stage in the living room, all in an old historic house people live in. The singing apes were my favorite part. The guy rapping at the end about his girlfriend’s saggy tits was my Second favorite

A Rodeo with Fake Animals

(Ojai, California)

Classic LA vehicle 

Glassel Park, Los Angeles

Music and Games- what outdoor people do all day   

I spent a week out on the Colorado River working an outdoor Ed program with a bunch of my friends who still live in their cars. Instead of vehicles, though, we lived out of boats- canoes and this phat house boat for logistics and food runs. There’s no distractions out there, so we play a lot of music and games.

A Saloon With Sexy Bullriding and Free Cotton Candy!

West Hollywood, CA

Any Guy I Date Must Be Willing to Eat Here lol

West Hollywood, CA