My Lifetime Dream of Being in a Money Machine Finally Came True…¬†

…except we were grabbing for Chucky Cheese tickets, not money 

– Florida 

My Niece Wanter To Go To the Princess Salon For Her B’day and I Officially Hate Disney Now

Btw, she took that shit out of her hair on the car ride home and asked my sister to never do her hair that way ever again. Being a princess is super lame and uncomfortable. This lesson was worth the sixty bucks. (At least we didn’t get her the $200 deluxe princes package like all the other little girls in there) 

Bibbidy Bobbidy Boutique, Disney Spings, Orlando

A bouncy house made of boobs

Museum of Sex (NYC)

Stumbled into a Drag Show in LA the other night.


What House Party/Concerts in LA Look Like

This is the coolest/weirdest concernt thingy I’ve ever been to. Outside stage, a purple teepee, stage in the living room, all in an old historic house people live in. The singing apes were my favorite part. The guy rapping at the end about his girlfriend’s saggy tits was my Second favorite

A Rodeo with Fake Animals

(Ojai, California)

Classic LA vehicle 

Glassel Park, Los Angeles