Clown Walking Into a Bathroom With A Suitcase In a Manhattan Mall

Picture 193

Totally normal

(New York, NY)

Drag Queen Animal Rights Activist in NYC

Picture 192

Not many places will you find so many layters

(New York, NY)



(Roswell, NM)

Hanging Out In a Bar In New Mexico

Picture 182

(near Carlsbad, NM)

Believe It Or Not, This Stupid Bear Ride Made Me Throw Up the Other Day

Picture 181

(Taos, NM)


Camping In Colorado

Picture 180

This Man Is A Genious

This man says he’s a “lazy dog owner” and pets her with this hand on a stick

Picture 145

And his dog is a “lazy stripper” who just lays there all day and gets suckers like me to put one dollar bills down her bikini

Picture 143

And they make a KILLING

Picture 144

(Venice Beach, Los Angeles)