Monthly Archives: March 2012

Yesterday This Group of Clowns Set up a Table in the Middle of the Town Plaza and Had a Spaghetti Dinner

They were a rowdy bunch with quite an appetite.

And like most family dinners, grandpa sat at the head of the table and called the shots.

I still have no idea why they did this. A few seconds after I took this picture, they squirted water from a toy gun at me and yelled “no foto!”

I love this weird-ass town I’m living in

(Valparaiso, Chile)

This Is What Happens at Stop Lights in Chile

People juggle fire

(Valparaiso. Chile)

Today I Got Tear-Gased For My First Time Ever During a Massive Chilean Protest. Yay!

(Valparaiso, Chile)

One of My Stories Just Won an Award.

Click here to read it.

If you want to see the bazurko crazy pictures that go along with it, click here

I Joined The Chilean YMCA. This Is What It’s Like.

(Valparaiso, Chile)

You Can Buy Just About Anything On the Street Here in Chile

Right next to the octopus was a woman selling balloons.

(Valpariaso, Chile)

Making Animals Look Cute Only Makes It Harder to Eat Them

(Valparaiso, Chile)

Welcome To Las Vegas……Chile

(Valparaiso, Chile)

Remember When I Posted That Picture and Said Penis Graffiti In Chile Is Adorable? Just Kidding!

This is by far the largest penis I have ever seen grafitied anywhere on the planet.

(Valparaiso, Chile)

I Moved Out of the Closet I Was Living In At The Clown House Today and Into My Own Room In Another House. This Was What They Gave Me On My Last Night

A Balloon Flower. They also gave me a balloon dog, but it popped.

(Valparaiso, Chile)