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Resting Rooms

When I was driving out to New Mexico from NYC, I found this really comfy couch to rest on for awhile somewhere outside of Memphis.

It wasn’t an ideal place to take a nap, but it worked.

This reminds me of a Trader Joe’s bathroom I found in Maryland. When you live in a truck, it’s nice to know there are places like public restrooms to just hang out in for awhile

or take a bubble bath

(Nederland, Colorado)

I Bought This Postcard In Georgia, and NOT During the Civil War Era

A postcard celebrating the South’s cultural heritage of onion farming. And slave labor.

(Georgia, 2009)

So This Lady Parked Next To Me At The Grocery Store The Other Day

It’s not that uncommon for people in New Mexico to either a) live in their cars or b) appear to be living in their cars. What struck me as odd with this particular car, though, was not the fact that her stuff covered every square inch except the front seat, where her dog sat, but that it consisted of nothing other than trash (with the exception of that bright orange back scratcher in the window).

So I was sitting there thinking about how overwhelming and chaotic it must be to live like this when all of a sudden, she got out of her car. Dukes of Hazzard style. Yes, we’re talking a Bo and Luke Duke window exit. The best part was that she was totally unashamed and nonchalant about her behavior, not to mention really, really good at it. A few minutes later, she came back and jumped right back in the same fashion and drove away, presumably to run another normal-person errand, like buying stamps.

Of course, because this is New Mexico, where everyone’s got some level of weirdness, no one seemed to notice or think anything of this lady’s Dukes of Hazzard tendencies. Or her car full of trash. So here we come to yet another thing I love about this state – it reminds me of New York City – you can be as unusual as you want and no one really gives a damn.

I will Never Get My Hair Cut Here

(Taos, NM)

So My Mom Took This Picture For Me

Not only is this one of my favorite signs ever, this photo was actually taken BY MY MOM.

I tried to take this picture myself on my way home from visiting her in Kentucky. She’d told me to be on the look out for this sign on the interstate, but I never found it. When I reported to her my failure, she went out and took the picture herself and sent it to me. I realize it must be hard having a daughter who prefers to live in her truck and who puts embarrassing photos of herself all over the internet, but for some reason, my parents have been pretty good sports about all this, and now even contributing photographers! I mean, just look at this photo. USED cows????

The funny thing is my mother didn’t even know I lived in my truck until she found this blog a year and a half ago. What can I say?….. It was easier to fugde the truth by saying I was camping or staying with friends than to have her worry about me getting murdered in the back of my truck all the time. Well, of course, now that she knows, she can’t help but worry about me getting murdered all the time. Her way of coping, though, is to look out for me in whatever ways she can, like researching well-lit, camera-surveillanced Walmart parking lots for me to sleep in, then calling me with the addresses and directions to said parking lots. Don’t you just love Moms?

I’m a very lucky woman.

(photo taken near Lexington, KY)

People Put The Most Interesting Things On Their Dashboards

Like pictures of religious icons

and prosthetic feet

I don’t get it. Wouldn’t this guy need his foot if he was out and about?

(Queens, New York)

Remember the Other Day When I Posted About That Dude Who Jerked Off Into Yogurt Samples at a Grocery Store and Served Them To Costumers?

Well this was the news story immediately following that heart-warming pervert story

Apparently, the cops busted some old lady for hiding her dead husband in her freezer so that she could keep collecting his social security for twenty years. I don’t care what anyone says – that’s absolutely brilliant!

Yep. This is where I’m living right now.

Isn’t My Neighborhood Beauuuuutiful?

I used to live across the street from this Salvation Army Thrift Store in Queens.

New Yorkers certainly are efficient with time. Think of how many seconds they save by throwing their donations on the sidewalk instead walking all the way into the store to drop them off. I mean, who cares if those sidewalks are usually covered in dog and human piss at any given part of the day.

Kudos to the person who cared enough to hang their sheets on a newspaper dispenser though.

God I miss that city.

In Other News….

This was one of the top stories on the New Mexico News last night

The dude pictured above just got busted for jerking off in yogurt samples and serving his concoction to shoppers in a Santa Fe grocery store. He’s also wanted on previous charges of child molestation, but that silly little crime never got him on the headline news before because that’s just not an interesting story. Advice to all pervs out there – the media doesn’t much care about your crimes against children… but whack off in some yogurt and you’ll be famous!